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My first vine

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Vampire Lawyer with Chris Pine (x)

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Heads up- this ^^^ is were you can find me and [misstotallyawesome] next weekend at MCM. Table CR.2, wherever that is… haha. 

Anyway, I’ll have Kupała, some posters, some postcards, some commissions, some myself! Drop by! Also, this is I think last thing I prepared fr=or the event - a postcard to go with the comic. 

See ya!



Feh, managed to finish this just in time to print for MCM London Expo next week! Drop by table CR.2 in Artists’ Alley (Random Squad, haha, Ellu <3) if you plan to visit! I’ll have posters and stuff and all  :D

(I realised I really really like compositions that can be viewed upside down too… go figure).

dzioo replied to your photoset “I’m crying, I did that cool color comp in small resolution and I can’t…”

this is going to be so epic, I just know it

In advance: sorry to disappoint… XD